Perhaps the office life isn't cutting the mustard. For those interested in breaking out of the 9-5 routine, Oscar Mayer has just the gig for you.

The company announced that it is searching for the next pilot of its famous Wienermobile, and the hiring process is open and ongoing. Not only will one individual become the Wienermobile driver, but he or she will be the next brand ambassador as the hot dog-shaped vehicle makes its way across the United States. There is no office life here; the position is 100-percent travel. 

The Wienermobile will serve as a mobile public relations office for Oscar Mayer and the new hire will handle all television, print, and radio promotions with the vehicle. Thus, the ideal candidate should have a background in public relations, journalism, advertising, marketing, or another related field.

Oscar Mayer promises the usual round of goodies, such as a competitive salary and some amazing travel opportunities. Additionally, the gig also comes with a company car that will surely generate a vast amount of interest.

The applications are open until the end of January and the selected candidate will receive a one-year contract as the brand ambassador with keys to the Wienermobile. Characteristically, Oscar Mayer says whomever it selects will "relish" in the memories created.