We've known Koenigsegg has an Agera successor in the works, but now we have a few new details on the hypercar.

Swedish newspaper Dagens Industri reported last Wednesday the Agera successor, which will debut in March at the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show, will not wear the rumored Ragnarok name. The name first came to light last August after a McLarenlife forum member published details on the car. It turns out Ragnarok is only the car's internal name.

Whatever Koenigsegg decides to call the Agera successor, it will be very exclusive. The newspaper reported the car will be limited to 125 units and the price will be even higher than the Agera's $2 million figure. However, the cost doesn't seem to be an issue because 72 of the build slots have already been sold.

The 2018 rumors claimed the car would arrive with 1,440 horsepower and a 9,000-rpm redline, and weigh less than 2,645 pounds. None of that information has been verified.

Koenigsegg also reportedly showed the car to potential buyers last June at the opening of an Australian dealership.

The current Agera makes 1,360 hp, which puts the rumored 1,440-hp figure in a plausible territory. We know Koenigsegg will stick to the twin-turbocharged V-8 engine and not augment the mill with any hybrid components. Whatever power the car makes will come from forced induction and big V-8 engine displacement.

With a power bump and surely the latest aerodynamic tricks, we could see the Agera successor take down the current top-speed production car record. The Agera RS currently holds the record at 277.9 mph.

We'll likely learn more as we approach the Geneva auto show in March.