The McLaren 720S is one of the greatest driving machines on the planet. It boasts tremendous power, incredible handling, and other-worldly looks. For some owners, though, it's not quite focused enough. So McLaren is happy to offer a new Track Package for those looking to extract every ounce of handling potential from this mighty machine. McLaren announced the new package on Thursday.

With the Track Package, McLaren offers both visual upgrades and weight savings. At the corners, the car is fitted with lightweight ten-spoke forged alloy wheels. At the rear sits the familiar active spoiler, now finished in carbon fiber, and the sport exhaust system.

Cabin upgrades start with McLaren's lightweight carbon-fiber racing buckets. These are offered in either regular or touring sizes, should the former be a bit too snug. The driver's hands fall on a steering wheel trimmed in Alcantara  and trigger gear shifts via extended carbon-fiber paddles. McLaren also mounts a titanium bar behind the seats to serve as the support for six-point harnesses for both the driver and passenger.

All of the upgrades add up to a weight savings of nearly 53 pounds.

We're still waiting on confirmation of pricing for this package here in the States, but our UK friends will need to dish out £28,360. That translates to a bit over $37,000, but pricing isn't always so cut and dry in the translation to the U.S. market.

Those itching to acquire a McLaren 720S that's a bit more focused can do so starting now. Your local McLaren dealer is ready to take that order, and the cars will begin rolling out off the factory in 2019.

For those who need even more performance, perhaps it's time to step up to the 720S GT3 race car.