BMW's M division has a new appropriately titled home in M Town. The company announced on Wednesday that M Town has opened its gates as a digital community for owners of BMW M cars.

M Town's theme is "where too much is just right." The motif follows BMW's launch of the "Too Much" ad campaign, and M Town interweaves original content inside a fictional town where everything ordinary is hardly so. Owners are required to register as new "citizens" of M Town to create their own M Pass ID. Through the ID, M vehicle owners will have access to all of M Town and be able to share their own experiences.

Every time a "citizen" posts their M experience with two hashtags, #M_Town or #MNation, on the Community Map, a digital map of the world, it becomes available for other members to see.

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Heading to the official site, users can click through dozens of photos in various areas, and they all ultimately link to Instagram posts. BMW's M division believes the grassroots campaign will help curate the brand and bring owners around the globe together in one digital haven.

BMW was still vague with what users can ultimately expect but said the major campaign will involve creative merchandising and other exclusive surprises for members. The M Town theme will also be used for various events around the world. To start, the brand released a handful of videos to give users and potential new members an idea of what to expect inside the boundaries of M Town. Apparently, everything is fast, and the day-to-day routines encourage drifting and burnouts at toll gates.

Plenty of cars will be included in M Town as the M brand plans to launch 26 new or refreshed cars by 2020, according to a December 2017 report. M Town is open for business now and it the community has already begun posting stories. Interested M owners can register at BMW-M-com to create their own digital M Passes.