Jaguar has made moves to protect the J-Type name, though whether the automaker is planning a new model under the name or just out to protect rivals from using it remains to be seen.

Autoguide reported last week that Jaguar had filed for trademark protection for the J-Type name with the European Intellectual Property Office, specifically in the categories for autonomous vehicles, software, automobiles, repairs and servicing.

Jaguar currently uses the “Type” suffix on performance cars, previously with the E-Type and F-Type sports cars and most recently with the I-Type electric race car currently competing in the Formula E Championships.

A sports car with the J-Type name would indicate a successor to the F-Type or potential second sports car to be positioned above the F-Type, with the latter option hinted at by Jaguar product boss Hanno Kirner in May.

Jaguar design boss Ian Callum has also hinted at a sports car to fill the void of the XK. He's also talked about Jaguar being open to going down the mid-engine route, something the company explored with the C-X75 extended-range electric supercar concept. Unveiled at the 2010 Paris auto show, the overwhelmingly positive response saw production of the C-X75 confirmed just six months later. Sadly, Jaguar ended up canceling the project two years later.

Stay tuned.