Things have certainly changed since Nintendo, Sony, and Sega home video game consoles reigned supreme. Formula E announced on Friday that fans will be able to ghost race actual race drivers as the motorsport unfolds in real time.

The ABB Formula E series and Virtually Live have partnered to create the experience for mobile devices and PC gamers. How does it work? Users create an account, sign in, and the system generates the current race in real time, precisely mirroring the positioning and order out on track. Gamers will then test their skills alongside the pack of battery-electric racers to see just how boastful they should be about their virtual driving skills.

Users can also share their favorite moments on social media via the Virtually Live platform.

Even after the live race has ended, gamers can hop back into the virtual driver's seat to re-race an event or play out scenarios that occurred during previous events. Eventually, Virtually Live wants to build out the platform to include full virtual reality.

Users will also able to follow the race live in CGI. The platform will let each user become the director of their own viewing experience, as they will be able to choose from several trackside and onboard cameras.

Formula E, despite its similarities on paper to Formula 1, brings about its own unique challenges to racers. Foremost, drivers must carefully conserve energy through various disciplines behind the wheel, including different regeneration methods. The series has also undergone major changes for the 2018/2019 season and introduced a second-generation racer with a larger battery pack.

Even though Formula E has enjoyed a lot of manufacturer participation, the series hasn't drawn the fanbase of more established racing series like Formula 1 or NASCAR. However, this type of interactive experience could get more fans involved and make them advocates for the series.