Ford has big plans to expand its SUV and crossover lineup, and the Maverick and Timberline names could be in the mix. The automaker filed to trademark both names, first discovered by Car and Driver last Thursday.

We know Ford has plans for a baby Bronco of sorts, and the Maverick name seems to be the better fit of the two trademarked nameplates. The automaker announced and teased the vehicle, a small off-road-oriented SUV, in March but did not provide any specifics.

Ford first introduced the Maverick name in 1970 as compact car. It continued through 1977, and was then reused outside of North America for the first-generation Escape.

As for the Timberline name, it may be a vehicle nameplate, but it seems more likely to denote a trim level. Think Ford Bronco Timberline, rather than a vehicle simply named Timberline. Of course, this is just speculation and Timberline could be a new vehicle as well. Time will tell.

Plans for an expanded lineup of crossovers and SUVs come as Ford announced it will kill off most of its passenger cars in North America. Only the Mustang, GT, and Focus will survive; the Focus will stick around as the "Focus Activ," a more rugged body style to emulate—you guessed it—a crossover.

Instead, Ford will soon fill showrooms with a new Bronco, baby Bronco, Escape, EcoSport, a rear-wheel-drive Explorer, and the Focus Activ. The Mustang will soldier on as a performance coupe and convertible, and the Ford GT supercar will continue with just 250 units a year through 2020.