Lincoln announced on Thursday it will launch a pilot for its car-subscription program in West Los Angeles and San Francisco. Unlike rival services, the vehicles will be used 2017 models, not new cars.

The pilot will run through the Ford Canvas program, Ford's own subscription program that also offers used vehicles. Subscribers will have their particular car 24 hours and 7 days a week, and the monthly payment will cover a mileage package, comprehensive insurance, the warranty, maintenance, and roadside assistance. 

Subscribers also will receive the benefits attached to the Lincoln Pickup and Delivery service. Subscribers can have their vehicles picked up for any service in any location. The brand also provides a complimentary loaner vehicle and returns the subscribed vehicle at a desired location.

The pilot subscription service will complement Lincoln's suite of other services, which includes a CLEAR membership for speedy entry at airport security checkpoints and Personal Driver, previously called "Chauffeur." The latter provides a screened driver for clients so they can enjoy a chauffeured ride in their own vehicle. The driver can also run errands for a customer.

It's unclear when Lincoln's subscription service will expand, or where it will head to next, but with new-car subscriptions in the works from Volvo, Lexus, and Porsche, new-car subscriptions may well be in Lincoln's future.