Instead of the usual purchase or lease options, Volvo is offering a third option for anyone interested in parking one of its cars on their driveway.

It's called Care by Volvo, and it's a subscription program much like you find for mobile phones.

Volvo has now made it possible to subscribe to one its cars with an app, in this case the Care by Volvo app for Apple devices. An Android version is yet to be announced.

The app lets you take a virtual tour of a vehicle, configure your ideal setup, and fill out details to complete the subscription. Apple Pay can even be used for the deposit. From there, a Volvo member will be in touch to arrange delivery at your closest Volvo dealer.

The first Volvo available via Care by Volvo is the 2019 XC40. Its subscription starts from $600 per month for a two-year period. Sure that seems steep but for the monthly fee you get the keys to the car plus insurance, servicing and maintenance (including brakes and tires) all covered. You basically only pay for gas, and you're also saving on depreciation since you don't actually own the car. At the end of the subscription period you simply hand back the keys.

Volvo has confirmed that the 2019 V60 wagon will be the next model to be made available via subscription. Pricing details will be announced closer to the market launch later this year.