Oh, the irony. We certainly don't condone speeding or racing on public roads, but it's not a civilian's job to enforce laws. That's for the police to do. So, it's interesting to see a new video from NBC2 in Florida that appears to show a Florida State Trooper racing a Lamborghini Aventador.

The race appears to be what the kids call "roll racing" on the highway, that is, dropping down to a designated speed and mashing the throttle to see which car pulls away. Here, the state trooper in a Dodge Charger police cruiser lines up with a Lamborghini Aventador on an undisclosed highway. The trooper clearly accelerates before the Aventador speeds off down the freeway and nearly exits the frame. Another car behind the two vehicles recorded the quick race.

Normally when we come across these kinds of incidents, they involve two civilians, but it's hard to enforce laws when enforcers themselves disregard public safety. High speeds are meant for closed race tracks and drag strips, not on public roads.

The NBC affiliate said the Florida Highway Patrol has begun an investigation into the officer involved in the race and said he or she will be held accountable if the department determines any misconduct.