Despite a sleek body and the lack of a massive rear wing, the Mercedes-AMG Project One will likely produce around 1,500 pounds of downforce, if the car's latest weight estimate proves true.

The new figure comes from Autocar, which reported on last Friday that AMG chief, Tobias Moers, said the Project One will generate “approximately half the weight of the car” in downforce. To get to the 1,500-pound figure, Moers confirmed the supercar will weigh between 2,866 and 3,086 pounds. That means the downforce figure could exceed 1,500 pounds.

Moers didn't divulge any other specifications, and it's unclear at what speed peak downforce will occur. 

Also according to Moers, the Project One will make more than 1,000 horsepower, but not more than 1,100 hp.

In a separate interview, Moers also confirmed other AMG cars will feature the Project One's electric drive system. No, other AMG products likely won't use a Formula 1 engine, but the supercar's four-motor electric drive system will spread throughout the lineup. The Project One's system incorporates an electric motor married to the engine to help spin the rear wheels, another electric motor to spin the turbocharger's compressor, and an electric motor at each of the front wheels. The latter two create the car's all-wheel-drive system.

Mercedes-AMG will only build 275 examples of the F1 car for the road, but according to the latest Autocar report, 1,100 credible customers have stepped forward for a chance to own one.