AMG will build just 275 examples of its Project One hypercar, but instead of letting all of the car's high-tech wizardry go to waste after the final one is built, the company will import it into future models.

That's the word of AMG boss Tobias Moers who in an interview with Autocar published Friday said the Project One's technology will feature in regular production models from about 2020 or 2021.

But before you get excited about the prospect of more AMG cars powered by the Mercedes-AMG Formula 1 engine that will feature in the Project One, note that Moers in the interview is referring specifically to the hypercar's 4-motor electric drive system.

Mercedes-AMG Project One, 2017 Frankfurt auto show

Mercedes-AMG Project One, 2017 Frankfurt auto show

In the Project One, one electric motor is mated to the engine and helps spin the rear wheels. Another electric motor is integrated with the turbocharger to help spin its compressor. So far the setup is the same used in F1. Where the Project One differs is the addition of two more electric motors independently powering each of the front wheels, thus making the hypercar an all-wheel-drive car. Importantly, all four electric motors are able to recapture energy that's then stored in a lithium-ion battery.

So what regular production model might we see the setup used? A successor to AMG's GT sports car is a good bet. Or perhaps the company will add a mid-engine supercar as a permanent fixture to its lineup. That would probably ruffle a few feathers at another sports car marque close to Stuttgart.

AMG will unveil the production version of the Project One later this year. Build slots for all 275 cars are sold out and the first customers should start receiving their cars in early 2019.