McLaren Special Operations (MSO) seems to run on the premise of "never enough."

The division is back with yet another round of parts and options for the McLaren Sports Series cars, the 570GT and 570S. The latest options include a "Defined Black" package,  and a titanium SuperSports exhaust that shaves roughly 11 pounds from the car.

The new Defined Black package gives buyers the opportunity to customize various exterior components in a black hue over the standard Dark Palladium gray pieces. Should a buyer opt for the package, the front splitter, front aero blades, side skirts and side air intakes, door inserts, rear diffuser, rear spoiler, and rear bumper will feature the black color. Those who opt for the titanium SuperSports exhaust can also add a nano black exhaust finisher to compliment the package.

McLaren 570S with titanium SuperSports exhaust

McLaren 570S with titanium SuperSports exhaust

McLaren said in the announcement that the SuperSports exhaust also provides a cleaner, crisper exhaust tone that's most noticeable above 5,000 rpm. The system also cranks out an additional 5 decibels of noise. Seems like another reason to dip into the powerband. 

Finally, MSO will also offer a package that's heavy on the finer details. An extended carbon package adds satin carbon fiber finishes to the McLaren branding and sill covers. MSO will even offer owners custom ignition keys finished in black or McLaren orange to compliment the package. 

The company didn't provide pricing for the black or carbon fiber packages, but those looking to add the SuperSports exhaust will add about $6,500 to the purchase price of their 570S or 570GT.