It's been another good year for Lamborghini which on Wednesday reported it delivered 3,815 supercars in 2017, an almost 10 percent increase on the previous year's result.

It represents a new record for the Italian marque which now boasts its seventh-straight year of rising sales.

The boost was helped along by a growing dealer network that now consists of 145 dealers, 10 more than at the start of 2017, but also continued strong performance for the Huracán.

The V-10 supercar has been burning up the showroom floor. Lamborghini in 2017 built its 9,000th Huracán after just three years of production. To put that into perspective, the Gallardo, which remains the most popular Lamborghini in history, took 10 years to get up to a little more than 14,000 units. Of Lamborghini's 3,815 deliveries in 2017, 2,642 were Huracáns.

And new records are set to be shattered with the arrival of the Urus in showrooms later this year. Conservative estimates see Lamborghini's annual sales roughly doubling with the arrival of the SUV. It seems there are a lot of soccer moms that like to drive fast.

The United States was the biggest market for Lamborghini, with 1,095 of the raging bulls ending up here in 2017. Japan was second with 411 sales and the United Kingdom third with 353 sales.

The growing popularity of the Raging Bull has also led to continued interest in the Polo Storico classic car department as well as the museum at Lamborghini's Sant’Agata Bolognese home. For example, more than 100,000 visited the museum in 2017 alone.