That's 70 down, 430 to go. Bugatti announced on Thursday that the brand reached its 2017 production goal with 70 Chirons built in total.

Deliveries of the Veyron's successor began in this past March and Bugatti delivered the 70 units built this year to customers around the world. Bugatti's statistics show 43 percent of orders came from Europe, 26 percent from North America (the U.S. and Canada), and 23 percent from the Middle East. The Asia-Pacific region accounted for the remaining 8 percent.

Thus far, the brand has sold 300 build slots for the supercar, which will be limited to 500 units. Bugatti noted its 70 units per year goal at the start of production, which will give the Chiron a roughly seven-year-long lifespan. Presumably, the production figure includes all special editions and any models that may have even more power than the 1,480 horsepower already on tap.

Bugatti President Wolfgang Dürheimer thanked suppliers for helping to minimize customer wait times in the announcement. “This outstanding performance is especially important because we aim to keep the waiting times for our customers as short as possible,” he said.

The first 70 Chiron owners get one sour spot in their ownership experience, however. Bugatti announced a recall for the supercar over potentially faulty seat recliners. If a bracket in the $2.61 million supercar's seat recliner fails, the driver's seating position may suddenly change, which increases the risk for a crash. Notices for the recall reportedly went out on December 11 and service centers will perform all repairs free of charge.