The myth and legend of the mid-engine Chevrolet Corvette is looking more and more like it'll become a reality soon.

It's been spied undergoing cold-weather testing, playing at the track, and even making McDonald's runs.

Now it appears someone, who quite possibly could lose their job for this, might have just leaked some partial CAD images of the mysterious American supercar that doesn't exist—but clearly does.

A user posted some CAD images of what appears to be the C8 mid-engine 2019 Chevrolet Corvette on Corvette Forum on Thursday. Of course, those images disappeared rather quickly, but not before smart forum users saved them to re-upload to the Internet later.

CAD images of the mid-engine 2019 Chevrolet Corvette

CAD images of the mid-engine 2019 Chevrolet Corvette

User firebirdfan made some rather astute observations regarding the mid-engine 'Vette from the CAD images:

"-Coil springs (FINALLY).
-Magshocks (or spool valve, either way, fancy shocks).
-Upper front arms look to be similar to C5/6/7 with trunnions.
-Lower front arms look to be similar to C5/6/7 with camber eccentrics.
-Rear subframe is HUGE and is a very strange mix of cast parts and welded tube. Can't tell if it's welded or bolted together in the middle.
-Engine is an LT1.
-Looks like factory shorty headers instead of cast manifolds.
-Engine has alternator relocated.
-Not sure what the upper-right accessory pulley is for. Upper left is water pump, lower right is AC.
-Oil filter looks easy to get to.
-Oil cooler clearly shown above filter.
-Half-shafts look to be the "bolt on flange" style (no draining trans to remove shafts).
-That transaxle is BEEFY. Like, dear god. Can't tell if it's auto or manual. If I had to wager, that's the automatic (guessing from shape of bottom of trans and what looks to be coolers hanging around it).
-Giant flat space above transaxle is more than likely for intake box/filter.
-No turbos shown.
-Frame looks to be similar to C5/6/7 with giant hydroformed rails (probably still aluminum). Disappointing. I was hoping for proper unibody. Hopefully with a fixed roof it'll be stiffer.
-Brake rotors are 1 piece. Calipers are MASSIVE.
-Side skirts are mechanically fastened just like C5/6/7. Still going to be horrendously expensive to fix if damaged.
-Brake ducts clearly shown on front."

We reached out to Chevrolet for an official comment regarding these CAD images and will update this post when we hear back.

Given the spy shots we've seen of this non-existent, but clearly coming, mid-engine Corvette, these CAD images seem to line up well with the cars we've seen.

Whether real or not, it's hard to prove, but it's doubtful someone went through all the trouble of creating fake CAD images, and these appear to be photos taken of a computer screen.

We'll update you as we find out more details regarding the mid-engine Corvette.