Following Nissan's expansion of the Nismo sub-brand, the company announced its latest sub-division last Friday: Autech. The new sub-brand will combine sporting characteristics with an eye for "premium craftsmanship" and top-quality materials in the company's home market of Japan. We reached out to Nissan, and a company spokeswoman confirmed there are no plans for the Autech brand to come to the United States.

Nissan specifically identified a need for vehicles with enhanced quality and sporting attributes, though it's the first time Nissan will align the ideals under one name with Autech. Previously, Nissan marketed Autech-modified cars with the Axis, Rider, Bolero, and Mode Premier grade names.

Nissan previously announced a commitment to the Nismo sub-brand with a division dedicated to road-car development. That division, called Nismo Cars Business Department, is part of Autech itself. At the time it was unclear why Nissan didn't simply tap Autech for road-car development, but it's clear Autech will chase a slightly more premium customer; Nismo will remain focused on performance with motorsport as its guiding light.

All Autech cars will be based on regular Nissan road cars, and as an idea of what to expect in the future, Nissan revealed the Serena Autech, a multi-purpose vehicle or minivan, with more premium wheels and a new grille design.


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