Tesla CEO Elon Musk surprised everyone last week by unveiling the new 2020 Roadster after the debut of the upcoming semi truck.

Now he wants to make it fly, literally.

The performance specs for the Roadster were nearly unbelievable as they appeared on the screen behind Musk, but then he said something even more insane: these specifications were for the base model. There will be faster, higher performance variants.

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Just a few days after announcing the 2020 Roadster, Musk tweeted the possibility of a "special upgrade package" that could maybe, possibly "enable it to fly short hops..." Musk went on to say it's possible, it's just a question of safety. "Rocket tech applied to cars opens up revolutionary possibilities."

When "flying" and "car" appear in the same breath, most of us would tend to think it's ridiculous talk. But then again, Musk also happens to be the founder and CEO of SpaceX. He actually has access to rockets.

Is he talking about lift created by that much speed? Would the Roadster have rockets? They could point at the ground to make the car "fly short hops" and/or they could point backward to improve upon the Roadster's 1.9-second 0-60 mph time and 8.8-second quarter mile time. Are we talking about something from "The Jetsons"? Either way, it all seems pie-in-the-sky to us.

(We've reached out to Tesla for an official comment, and will report back if we hear anything.)

Before even thinking about sticking rockets onto the new Roadster, Tesla has far larger issues, like actually manufacturing the Model 3 sedan, and then getting the semi into production.

But, hey, Elon, when you make the rocket option available on the Roadster, call me. I'll slide behind the wheel and flip that booster switch.