Award season is upon us, which means Best Car To Buy nominees are on the way for both Motor Authority and its sister site, The Car Connection. In addition to the Best Car To Buy award given by our editorial team, The Car Connection wants you to get involved by telling us which vehicles you feel are best. It's called the 2018 Driver's Choice Award, and it's time to vote now.

As with previous years, there are six categories, and you can vote daily for each until the polls close on October 31.

Voting is as simple as clicking the blue "Vote" button for whichever nominee you feel deserves the award. Visit the Driver's Choice Award's nominee section on The Car Connection, check out the categories, nominees, and submit your vote.

Make you voice heard each and every day during October. In fact, you might just want to bookmark the site in your browser.

Once the virtual polls close, the votes will be tallied up and the winners will be announced mid-November alongside The Car Connection's and Motor Authority's Best Car To Buy 2018 winners.

You haven't left yet? Go vote, now.