Not all sheds are built for losing tools. Say hello to the world's fastest shed.

A man in Britain called Kevin Nicks has a passion for sheds. (Eds note: He may be the only one.) Nicks broke the record for operating the fastest shed in the land, which was astonishingly 88 mph before Nicks' 96-mph run.

*Checks record book*

Nicks held the previous record, reinforcing our suspicion that he's still, really into sheds.

This time around he was hoping for 100 miles per hour, but he managed just 96.8 miles per hour.

His garden shed is road-legal, plates and everything. Starting with a Volkswagen Passat that was staring down a date with the scrap yard, Kevin set to work figuring out how to merge shed and VW.

Now he has a road-going shed, which is powered by a 2.8-liter gas engine from the Passat. It makes 200 horsepower, which isn't very much considering that this rolling garden fixture weighs well over two tons. To aid in his pursuit of speed, Nicks has fitted the powertrain with a nitrous system. He gains an extra 75 horsepower when he's on the bottle.

A rolling shed is a perfect example of the insanity that stems from that lovely chunk of rock in the North Atlantic. The country that's given us "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" has also given us a vehicle that wouldn't be out of place in its very pages. This thing, however, knows the answer to life is far greater than 42.