Richard Hammond had a rather big off recently. While shooting footage for the upcoming season of the "The Grand Tour," the presenter lost control of the Rimac Concept_One he was driving and plunged down a hill, clipped a house, and had the car burst into flames. He escaped with some serious knee damage but he's otherwise intact. The organizers of the hill climb event during which this took place just took a hit of their own.

According to, a ruling has come down on the organizers of the Swiss Hillclimb Championship, the event taking place when the accident happened. The governing body for Swiss motorsports, Auto Sport Schweiz, has announced that the organizers of the event will be fined a little over $5,000. It believes the organizers violated FIA codes while organizing "The Grand Tour's" show runs and "acted against the interests of the sport."

In addition to the monetary fine, four people involved with the hill climb have been handed a six-month suspension on their racing licenses. Race Director Christian Muller and three race stewards will forced to step away from the sport for that time. 

Hammond and Rimac company head Mate Rimac sat down together to go over what happened during the crash. The two don't completely agree as to the reason behind the crash, but it does provide good insight into what transpired during the unfortunate event.


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