"Jay Leno's Garage" is back for another season on your television screen. The show is most often seen, however, on your smaller screens because it's a web show as well. To make the online viewers happy, Leno and his team are releasing some full episodes that were shot for the TV show and placing them on the YouTube channel. Recently this brought us an episode showing off iconic American cars, and now we're getting a look at larger-than-life vehicles.

Jay visits with comedian friends Brad Garrett and JB Smoove. Garrett has a gorgeous Chrysler Town and Country that he drives around Las Vegas while Smoove pilots a resto-modded Lincoln Continental through the streets of Los Angeles. Each car seems to fit the large personality of its owner.

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Leno then joins the Air Force's Knightriders for a ride in the V22 Osprey, before jumping behind the wheel of the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile.

Next, a rather large Volkswagen Bug rolls into the garage, where it overshadows the standard bug by 40 percent. Built entirely of fabricated parts by a a madman named Richard Tupper, it also packs more heat in the engine bay to accommodate that extra size.

Finally, Jay is joined by automotive journalist Doug DeMuro to see if Doug can figure out a what car he is in while wearing a blindfold. Jay takes him for a spin in three cars, and gives Doug a chance to guess the make and model of each. Tune in to see how well Doug does.


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