You've only seen it in static form so far but now we have the first video of Aston Martin's Valkyrie hypercar on the move.

A prototype version made its first public outing on Saturday at the Silverstone Circuit, which was hosting the Formula One British Grand Prix. Silverstone is the primary test track for the Valkyrie, and it's where the car should deliver lap times comparable to Formula One and LMP1 race cars.

Aston Martin was only conducting exhibition laps this time. The prototype was piloted by Chris Goodwin, a former McLaren tester who's now Aston Martin's chief tester for high-performance cars, and it was wearing a special livery highlighting its connection with the Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Formula One team. Red Bull's chief technical officer, Adrian Newey, is one of the key designers of the hypercar.

Aston Martin Valkyrie prototype

Aston Martin Valkyrie prototype

“To finally see Aston Martin Valkyrie running five years from when I first sat down and started sketching what this car could look like is quite an emotional day,” Newey said. “With the change in vision angle as it comes past and the noise, it is now doing what it is supposed to be doing which is to move and be dynamic.”

The Valkyrie is currently undergoing final dynamic testing ahead of the start of deliveries in the fourth quarter of 2019. Just 150 road-going examples will be built, along with 25 track-only Valkyrie AMR Pros, and build slots for both are all gone.

The car is coming with 1,160 horsepower, courtesy of a Cosworth-developed 6.5-liter V-12 paired with a KERS-style hybrid system. The car also boasts lightweight carbon fiber construction and F1-inspired aerodynamics that should generate race car levels of downforce. Speaking of race cars, Aston Martin is also developing a racing version of the Valkyrie to run in the new Hypercar class of the World Endurance Championship. Impressively, the Valkyrie road car could end up the faster variant due to way the rules have been set.