The dearly departed Dodge Viper makes 645 horsepower from its V-10 engine. That's so much more power than most people can handle. For others, like the Calvo Motorsports team, it's not even close to enough.

Wearing a General Lee livery, the Calvo Motorsports Dodge Viper is designed to go very fast in a straight line. In the video above, it's being driven at the Drag 965 Pump Gas Invitational in Caddo Mills, Texas. The event was held at the Caddo Mills Municipal Airport, and like the name indicates, it's designed to see how fast folks can go while running on pump gas. The Calvo car? It produces almost 1,700 horsepower on the 93-octane dino juice sold at the tap.

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Tuned to run on the gasoline of peasants and driving an "underpowered" Viper, the Calvo Motorsports team rips down the runway and consistently sees trap speeds of 190 mph. That is a fair amount more than the competition, until the final round when the Viper runs 189 mph against a Lamborghini that traps at 185 mph. Unfortunately for the Calvo team, the Lambo gets the jump on the Viper at the light and claims the win.

When it's in its normal state of tune, the Calvo Viper makes around 2,300 horsepower. That indicates quite a difference between pump gas and race gas, though we don't know what other modifications are done to get those 600 extra horses. Either way, it's no wonder the car needs those massive drag radials out back to get anything remotely resembling traction. 


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