The internet is a strange place. Like a high school yearbook, some things are found only after flipping through a couple pages for a second, third, or fourth time. This video, which features a 2006 Dodge NASCAR race car, is from 2012, but seems to have only recently caught on.

The video was shot at The Silver State Classic in Nevada five years ago. At the event, local police are kind enough to shut down a stretch of highway and let local speed freaks execute top speed runs. Normally, the slew of contenders are muscle cars, hot rods, and other big-engined builds, but this 2006 Dodge NASCAR racer blew by everything—at 243 mph.

The NASCAR racer maintained a 217 mph average throughout the day, but 243 mph was the personal best, which reportedly set a new record that year.

Of course, Dodge departed NASCAR in 2013. However, Dodge has reportedly been eying up a return to the motorsport. Late last year, NASCAR officials confirmed discussions with a new manufacturer were taking place. Based on all intel available, it seemed more than likely Dodge would be returning. However, things have gone quiet since then.

If and when the brand decides to return to the motorsport, we don't know. But, we can remember Dodge's former days with videos like the one above. And if nothing else, we can appreciate the nutjob who drove a NASCAR racer on the highway at more than 200 mph for an extended period of time.


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