Dodge departed from the NASCAR circuit back in 2012, but it is apparently eyeing a return to the left-turn loving motorsport. At the time, Dodge was coming out of bankruptcy and decided to cut its NASCAR program in an effort to focus its expenditures where they were most needed. Now it's a different time and, according to Autoweek, that means the automaker is on the verge of announcing that it is jumping back in the game.

NASCAR officials have stated that a new manufacturer is in talks to join the fray, but won't specify which one just yet. Based on this report, it seems like it's Dodge.

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Back in 2012, Dodge had just revealed a 2013-spec Charger. A fresh Charger would look pretty good running out on the track against the Chevy, Ford, and Toyota offerings currently battling it out. However, we have no indication that a new Charger is due any time soon. 

Maybe Dodge should just run a nearly stock Hellcat. The average NASCAR stocker produces about 725 horsepower when it's run without a restrictor plate. Tweak a Hellcat a bit and you're right there. Add in the creature comforts inside, bolt in a roll cage, and you have a true "race on Sunday, sell on Monday" situation going on. Now, if we can just convince the other manufacturers to do something similar, NASCAR might get more interest.


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