It's always fun to watch something small try to tow something very large. Remember back in 2012 when a Toyota Tundra towed the Space Shuttle Endeavor? That was a pretty amazing sight. But it pales in comparison to what a Porsche Cayenne just pulled off. There's a new world record for heaviest aircraft pulled by a production vehicle, because a bone-stock Porsche Cayenne managed to tow an Airbus A380 for 42 meters.

The Airbus A380 is the largest passenger aircraft. It weighs in at a mammoth 285 metric tonnes. That's equivalent to 314 U.S. tons, or nearly 630,000 pounds. By comparison, the Shuttle Endeavor is a measly 155,000 pounds.

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A Porsche Cayenne Diesel S used its nearly 630 pound-feet of torque to tow the massive aircraft out of the Air France hanger at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris. To spice things up, Porsche also brought a Turbo S to repeat this towing madness. Both vehicles accomplished the task, and the Diesel S gets into the Guinness Record books as it did it first.

These are stock Porsche Cayenne models that simply utilized a special tow assembly to connect their rear hitches to the aircraft. After that it was simply a matter of firing up the engines and mashing the throttle to get the large payload rolling forward.

For the record, all Cayennes except the hybrids are rated to tow a maximum of 7,716 pounds. Of course, that's over many miles instead of a mere 42 meters, but the fact that these vehicles can even move this plane is unreal.

Watch the video. It's an impressive sight and a mighty record for Porsche.


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