Italian police in Milan have a message for youngsters when it comes to a life of crime: don’t get involved. And what better way to spread said message than with a heavy dose of irony. You see, the local constabulary has taken a Ferrari used for criminal purposes and turned it into a force for good.

Local authorities in the city confiscated this Ferrari 458 Spider from the mafia in September 2015 and plan on using the exotic car to educate the youth on why crime never pays. Per Italian law, the police and fire brigade can request to keep personal property confiscated from mobsters.

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This 458 Spider happens to be one of the more recent acquisitions. It's one of 30 cars and three motorcycles have been seized by authorities and turned into proponents of anti-crime.

To highlight the message, a company that regularly outfits the Milan police force with its vehicle liveries offered to primp the 458 Spider for free in a motion of solidarity against organized crime. The custom paint scheme features green and red splashes of color, while roof-mounted lights sit proudly atop the Ferrari.

This is just one of what seems to be a rash of supercar police cars of late. The Italian Highway Patrol just took possession of a Lamborghini Huracán Polizia and Nissan just prepped a Police Pursuit GT-R for the fictional Skyline Metro Police Department.

Who do we have to talk to start a movement for a Ford GT or Chevrolet Corvette patrol car?