The Mulsanne is the luxurious sedan that sits in the flagship position of Bentley's lineup.

It's expensive, rare, powerful, and wonderfully outfitted. It's a Bentley, though, so there's always room to make a special car even more outstanding. This is where the new Hallmark Series by Mulliner, presented this week at the 2017 Geneva auto show, comes into play.

Bentley is offering a new limited run of Mulsannes under the name Hallmark Series by Mulliner, and these cars are inspired by silver and gold. The automaker plans to build just 50 cars, and they'll either be finished with hallmarked silver design elements or carat-gold-plated pieces. On the nose of the car you'll find a special Flying B hood ornament stamped with the words "Commissioned" on one side and "By Mulliner" on the other. That's code to other Bentley owners to back up and pay some damn respect.

The cars also get matching pinstriping in silver or gold along the body sides. Inside, they have silver or gold metallic hide lining the storage compartments; contrasting front and rear seat hides with silver or gold embroidery, stitching, and piping; painted veneer trim to match the secondary hide color; silver or gold veneer inlays; and illuminated treadplates with the series number.

Bentley Mulsanne Hallmark Series Gold

Bentley Mulsanne Hallmark Series Gold

Buyers can even opt for a cocktail cabinet–because why not?

You can choose to create a Hallmark Series by Mulliner Mulsanne from any of the Mulsanne variants. This includes the Speed and the Extended wheelbase versions.

How much will it cost? Well a standard Mulsanne starts a few ticks over $300,000. Feel free to add a hefty amount to that total and come up with your own number, which is what you would do as a Bentley customer talking to the Mulliner team.

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