The new Ford GT is barely here, and already we're hearing whispers that there could be another version in the pipeline.

As Autoblog has discovered, there is some interesting wording in the owner's manual for the 647-horsepower supercar.

Specifically, there's mention of a rear hatch that's different than the standard hatch (shown below). That doesn't sound like much on its face, but dig deeper into the wording and illustrations and a hardcore, lightweight picture begins to appear.

The owner's manual makes mention of a version of the GT called the Competition Series. There's no rear hatch release on the key fob for this model, as it apparently has a different hatch cover that needs to be manually unlocked.

2017 Ford GT

2017 Ford GT

According to the diagram in the owner's manual, the rear hatch on the Competition Series uses AeroCatch-style hood-pins that need to be unlocked by hand. The hatch on the Competition Series also doesn't use struts to keep it up (like on the standard model), so a prop rod is required.

The reason you'd run a piece of kit like that? Added lightness, my friends. As Autoblog points out, these hood latches don't match the ones used on the GTE race car. So there's no crossover of owner's manual material there. In other words, this could be for a street car that hasn't been outed yet.

If there really is a Ford GT Competition Series coming, it should help find some of those displaced applicants jumping back in line or getting a fresh email and phone call. Lots of supercars go the more-hardcore edition route, so it's great to discover that Ford may be doing the same. We've reached out to the Blue Oval for some clarification on all of this and... they " do not comment on future product."

Psst, that means prep some organs for sale and start working on your application video now.