The Monza Rally Show brings together all manner of racing machine eager to get down on a mixture of the circuit's racing surfaces. There was an entry this year that may have seemed a bit foreign to the Italian crowd watching and listening to the action. Wearing a Jeep badge and seven-slotted grille up front, a Pro 2 racing truck piloted by Cassie Currie attacked the course and delighted fans with spectacular drifting action and throaty engine noise.

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I've actually been fortunate enough to spend a few laps in the passenger seat as Currie drove a truck over jumps and across dirt. That was during some warm up rounds ahead of a Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series event. Currie can fling the rig through the corners with ease, and we took to the sky with equal comfort. Here on the tightly chicaned sections of Monza, the action looks a bit more difficult. It can't be easy to get his truck to handle some of those tight corners.

Still, he solves that problem with some Vitamin T. Torque is clearly saving the day here. This "Jeep" is surely running some manner of massive racing V-8 engine under its hood and between its tubular frame. The result is a truck that makes glorious noises, boasts insane levels of travel, and looks to be one sure fire way to have way too much fun. 


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