When you want to take your machine out to the track, you most likely pop some gear into the passenger seat, back seat, or the truck and set off. You're vehicle is fine running from your home to the racing circuit for some weekend fun. You might tow a non-street-legal machine on a trailer, if you've upped the action a bit. If your racing vehicle is a McLaren P1 LM, the procedure for getting to and from the truck is a bit more arduous.

Thanks to Danny and his Supercarsfromeu YouTube channel, we have footage of a McLaren P1 LM being loaded onto a transport trailer after spending time at the track. The track in question is the Nürburgring, and the transports trailer is a two-level unit that is probably worth a fair percentage of the value of the vehicle it's designed to transport.

With a car like this, it's not a simple manner of pulling out the ramps and running onto the trailer. Well, it's sort of like that bit a bit more involved. The car is backed on the loading ramp, and this requires a few spotters. There's likely a level of rearward visibility that's as close to zero without actually being zero. Once the car is nearly all the way on, it's shut down and pushed the rest of the way.

The ramp is lifted up to the second level, where the car is then pushed all the way back and tucked in for its journey back to Woking.

It all seems quite a bit stressful to be honest.