We know Lamborghini greenlit a new SUV based upon the Urus concept, and sales will start in 2018. While TopGear's editor-at-large Rowan Horncastle--and likely his smartphone--thought he spotted a Urus test mule, it's just a modified Q7.

Turns out a Lamborghini dealer in Nürnberg, Germany created this thing out of a Q7. The idea was to build buzz for the upcoming Lamborghini SUV, though, it seems all it's done is create confusion.

Wanting to create buzz for the Urus makes sense considering sales start in less than two years. We suppose credit for creativity is awarded here given the buzz on the Internet over this whole thing.

While this isn't a test mule for the Lamborghini Urus, it is coming, and it will be powered initially by a twin-turbo V-8. Making history, a plug-in hybrid powertrain has been confirmed as well and when launched it will be Lamborghini's first electrified production car.

Expect real sightings in the future as testing and development begins before the Urus makes its formal debut likely in the spring of 2018.