Manufacturer-run certified pre-owned vehicle programs help take the worry out of buying used cars and in the longer term often improve confidence in a brand as well as resale values.

Aston Martin is the latest to launch its own certified pre-owned program, which it has labeled Timeless.

The program will be offered in most of Aston Martin’s markets, including here in the United States from the first quarter of 2017. It replaces any previous certified pre-owned programs run by the automaker and covers all Aston Martin models 10 years old or younger, including special editions such as the V12 Zagato or One-77.

Crucially, the technical inspection will cover an extensive list of checks including software systems. It’s not unusual for some of Aston Martin’s older models to suffer electronic gremlins and these will have to be dealt with for a car to be accepted into the program.

Key features include:

  • A 1-year warranty, with full roadside assistance
  • A technical inspection including full hardware and software updates
  • A provenance certificate from Aston Martin Works
  • Verification of a car’s service history

“Additions such as the new inspection regime—which for the first time includes a comprehensive assessment and review of our cars’ software, as well as their technical condition—can only add confidence for our buyers,” Christian Marti, Aston Martin’s Vice President and Chief Sales Officer, said in a statement.