When you're rolling in a convoy of prototype vehicles undergoing testing, you're not exactly inconspicuous. No matter what the flat paint jobs or crazy camouflage patterns would have you believe.

This is especially true when said prototypes are a trio of Ford Motor Company [NYSE:F] GT supercars being hustled through the Colorado mountain roads. They attract attention. When they break the speed limit, they attract the attention of the local law enforcement.

Three Ford test drivers had to yield to the police in the Glenwood Canyon area of Colorado, according to The Vail Daily. These prototypes were apparently being pushed a bit over the speed limit. It wasn't too much over the speed limit, however, as the cops reportedly said the cars were being driven normally but just a bit too quickly.

I'd have to imagine that "a bit too quickly" is the standard driving mode for anyone behind the wheel of a Ford GT. After all, you've got a shapely monster machine powered by a 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged engine that produces well over 600 horsepower. Also, if you can afford the $450,000+ price to entry (if you made the cut, of course) then you can probably afford a few speeding tickets along the way.