Yes, there's a lot more to car maintenance than simply changing the oil. One of the most overlooked aspects is an engine's cooling system, which is as crucial to car owners in Arizona as it is to those in Alaska.

Here, our friend Jason Fenske, the host of the ever-popular Engineering Explained YouTube series, uses his 1999 Acura Integra to show us just how to perform a proper coolant flush and change. 

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The process is fairly easy and doesn't require much more than an hour and a few items easily found at an auto parts shop or even a big box store. What's most important to the typical enthusiast, however, is just how much money an owner can save by changing their car's coolant on their own instead of having a shop do it. estimates that a typical coolant flush runs upward of $100. Picking up the handful of items needed at a local shop may save $75 or more. 

Most automakers recommend flushing a car's coolant every other year, something many owners almost certainly put off because of the cost of having a shop do it or the perceived complexity of doing it themselves. But, as Jason shows us, a coolant change is exceptionally easy. 


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