Ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix this weekend, Mercedes-AMG Petronas teammates Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton took to the open seas in a most unusual, yet highly entertaining new video released by Mercedes-Benz.

Designed to promote the drivers as much as the Cigarette Racing speed boat inspired by the Mercedes-AMG Vision GT and the Arrow460-Granturismo yacht concept, the video sees the two drivers showing off their distinct and separate personalities on the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. 

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Like Rosberg, the Arrow460-Granturismo is designed to be more subtle in its ostentatious design, while the Cigarette boat piloted by Hamilton is more intense and demanding. 

The video soundtrack has no shortage of the heady music you might expect of a promotional film, but it also offers a rare glance at some of the work possible by Mercedes-Benz's non-automotive design team. The automaker has significantly amped up its design works as a means of creating luxury interiors for homes and private jets, not to mention yachts and sporting boats. 

Look for both drivers to land back on four wheels Sunday on the demanding streets of Monaco for the annual Grand Prix. The two may not be quite as restrained on the tarmac, however.


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