We doubt very many Huayra owners would ever consider driving their supercars in heavy snow, but Pagani and its partners go to great lengths to ensure the car can still handle the tough conditions.

This video highlights the strength of the advanced ABS and electronic stability systems fitted to the Huayra. The systems come from Bosch but like virtually every element found on the Huayra, they have been fully customized for the supercar.

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A Huayra prototype is shown at a special testing track located near the Arctic Circle. The track is set up so that a car can be driven with its wheels on one side on grippy asphalt and the wheels on the opposing side on slippery ice.

First we see the car instantly spin out of control when the driver applies the brakes. However, with the Bosch systems activated, the car is able to maintain a straight line under braking.

The prototype shown is actually the new Huayra BC, a more hardcore version of the already extreme Huayra. It has 789 horsepower on tap versus the 720 hp of the standard model, along with a more aggressive aerodynamic package and numerous weight-saving mods. Just 20 will be built, each with a starting price of 2.3 million euros (approximately $2.62 million).


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