Maserati took the wraps off its new MC20 supercar at a presentation in Modena, Italy, held Wednesday.

However, the automaker also teased some of its other models in the pipeline during the presentation, including the next-generation GranTurismo due in 2021. We also got a look at the Alfa Romeo-Stelvio based Grecale SUV also coming in 2021.

A teaser photo of the next GranTurismo, snapped by Motor1, shows the car's profile. It suggests the new GT will feature similar proportions to the previous one but with smoother, more flowing lines. A cleaner aesthetic, like we see on the MC20, is also likely.

Maserati MC20

Maserati MC20

The new GranTurismo will feature an internal-combustion engine at launch, possibly with a mild-hybrid setup attached. A battery-electric powertrain will be added in 2022. All new Maseratis will offer electric power, starting with the new GranTurismo. Maserati's electric powertrain, branded Folgore, Italian for “lightning,” will consist of a three-motor system with one motor up front and two at the rear.

Also coming in 2022 will be the next GranTurismo Convertible (a GranCabrio in some markets). And looking further forward, Maserati will launch redesigned versions of the Quattroporte and Levante, with the entire renewal of the Maserati lineup expected to be completed by the end of 2023.

The previous GranTurismo finally reached the end of production last fall after a 12-year run. The plant in Modena where it was built was then prepared for production of the MC20. The new GranTurismo is expected to be built a plant in Turin.