If you're going to find someone to document Volkswagen's "dieselgate" emissions scandal on film, there's probably not a better person to do that than Steve Kalafer.

Not only has Kalafer been nominated for an Oscar three times, he owns a VW dealership in New Jersey.

Actually, Kalafer is the chairman of a chain of 17 dealerships in Flemington, New Jersey, meaning he has experience with many automakers. Volkswagen, he says, is in a uniquely bad situation. 

Kalafer told Automotive News (subscription required) that in his 39 years in the business he witnessed Ford's Pinto fuel tank and Audi's unintended acceleration crises, but that the dieselgate scandal strikes him as a bigger hurdle for VW to overcome.

"The reality is that unless these issues are dealt with straightforwardly, honestly and with equity, Volkswagen in hindsight will have destroyed their company," Kalafer said in an interview with the industry trade publication. 

Kalafer says the documentary will examine the issue through the stories of customers, dealers, and regulators. He will also interview former VW executives. We're pretty sure VW won't let him inside to see how the company is dealing with the issue.

From a dealer's perspective, Kalafer says that VW has largely been "silent" on the matter of how it plans to address its emissions cheating scandal with consumers. 

Kalafer's documentary will be titled Backfire: The Volkswagen Fraud of the Century and it may be a full-length film or a series of episodes.

As dieselgate is certainly not over for VW, there's no date yet for when Kalafer plans to release the documentary.


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