Jaguar Land Rover may not be a brand most would associate with car-sharing, but that's just what the British company says its new InMotion division will be up to.

JLR stops short of using the term "car-sharing" in its announcement about InMotion. Rather, the automaker says that it will create an app and an "on-demand vehicle infrastructure."

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Initially, the wholly-owned division says that it will spend its time researching "emerging travel and transport issues which need solving."

From what JLR has indicated so far, it appears that its program could be much like BMW's new ReachNow program in that it will deliver vehicles on demand to users for a fee or allow access to vehicles parked in select spots. Given JLR's product lineup, the service will probably be aimed at upscale urban users with limited parking.

JLR hasn't indicated a market where it will launch InMotion, but it did say that the division will employ up to 30 people in London.

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BMW's ReachNow car- and ride-sharing program launched yesterday as the first automaker-owned car-sharing service aimed at a more upscale market than, say, Daimler's Car2Go.

ReachNow will start as a standard car-sharing program with vehicles parked in select locations before branching out into a program that will see vehicles delivered directly to users when requested via an app. Eventually, ReachNow will have a driver hire component to enable an Uber-like ride-sharing experience.


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