Hey #StanceNation...listen up, because Engineering Explained has a few words of advice for you. Well, not just for you but for everyone out there who's thinking about modifying their suspensions. There's the cheap and easy way. Not surprisingly, this is also the dumb way to modify your car, and you'll end up far worse off than when you started. These are the five suspension mods that could potentially ruin your car.

First up is the idea of bolting lowering clamps onto your springs. These are effective tools when you want to remove springs, but if you use them to actually lower your car, you're going to have a bad time.

Second on the list is simply swapping in lowering springs or cutting your springs. If all you want to do is cruise past your local hangout spot 15 times per night, you're probably okay but beyond that you're heading toward suspension trouble.

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Next comes the currently popular concept that is aggressive negative camber, or "stance." We get it. You vape and you hate even tire wear. You also look foolish and you're ruining your car.

From there it's time to talk about wheel spacers and why they're not the best idea for widening the track of your vehicle.

Finally, we examine the use of beefy roll bars.

All of these topics are covered in the video above, and, as usual, Engineering Explained examines why each and every one of these Don't Do This bullet points are bad for your vehicle while also giving the smart alternative. If you're going to upgrade your chassis, make sure you do the research, spend the money, and get the job done right.


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