German tuning firm Brabus is best known for its tuned Mercedes-Benzes, but the firm has now set its sights on the luxury and performance world's rising star: The Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] Model S.

In this case, Brabus left the car's electric powertrain to the engineers at Tesla and instead focused on the Model S's aerodynamics and handling.

Starting with the P90D, Brabus turned to the wind tunnel for inspiration. A special body kit designed using 3D scanning and CAD programs is composed of carbon fiber with a choice of matte or glossy finishes. The kit redesigns the car's rocker panels, rear diffuser and front spoiler area for what Brabus says are both cosmetic and aerodynamic advantages. 

Unique alloy wheels are also included.

Inside, Brabus put its own touch on the car's upholstery and then redesigned the car's center console. A pair of heated and cooled cupholders are added in an unexpectedly practical touch, as is a wireless phone charging system. 

Brabus has shown a few customized Model S sedans, but this latest one boasts a unique green-tinted leather interior. 

Brabus is no strange to Tesla. Years ago, the tuner set its sights on Tesla's original Roadster. 


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