2017 Ferrari California T Handling Speciale

2017 Ferrari California T Handling Speciale

The Ferrari [NYSE:RACE] California T certainly isn’t lacking in the handling department, but compared to some of its more hardcore siblings the car feels more grand tourer than sports car. That’s all set to change with a new handling pack Ferrari is introducing at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show.

The pack has the entirely appropriate name Handling Speciale, or HS for short, and it's designed to enhance a number of areas, especially when you set the car’s drive modes selector, a Manettino in Ferrari-speak, to the Sport setting.

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Among the upgrades are stiffer springs (+16 percent front and +19 percent rear), more responsive magnetic dampers, quicker gear shifts, and revised traction and stability control. The latter ensures better acceleration when coming out of the corner. Ferrari says the upgrades result in even sportier handling and better feedback, albeit with a slight cost in ride comfort.

2017 Ferrari California T Handling Speciale

2017 Ferrari California T Handling Speciale

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But the list of upgrades doesn’t end there. The HS package also includes a new exhaust system with modified mufflers that emit a louder sound as the revs build when compared to the standard setup. Ferrari says a more aggressive exhaust note is instantly recognizable as soon as the driver hits the engine starter button.

Finally, Ferrari has added a few visual mods to help separate the HS-equipped cars. These include a matte gray finish for the front grille and rear diffuser. There is also matte black accents on parts of the diffuser and on the exhaust tips. A special plaque in the cabin also indicates that the car has the HS package.

The Geneva Motor Show starts March 1. To see some of the other vehicles appearing, head to our dedicated hub.


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