Looking for a reason to buy a Chrysler product in the near future? Well, if you're the sort of person who worries about protecting your vehicle, you have one less thing to worry about it seems. Chrysler has just announced that it's going to up its warranty game with the release of Mopar Complete 360.

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It starts with the basic guts of a standard warranty. You can choose between a 5-year, 60,000-mile plan or a 6-year, 75,000-mile plan. From there, the 360 Vehicle Protection begins to stand out a bit. All of the mechanical bits of the vehicle are covered. This includes over 5,000 items on your car. You'll also see your scheduled maintenance covered as well as recommended maintenance items, parts, and services.

It's not just protection of items you don't expect to wear down, but the ones you replace normally as well. This warranty plan covers brakes, shocks, struts, wiper blades, belts, hoses, the clutch assembly, the battery, headlamps, and also includes wheel alignments.

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This is just the basic protection of the Complete 360 plan too. There's an All-In option that adds protection of your tires and wheels should you hit something in the road. You'll also get two tire replacements over the course of the plan for which you opt. Going even further is the MVP plan that extends coverage across your entire ownership period of the vehicle, regardless of years and miles driven.

It's certainly going to add a bit to your monthly payment. Still, it would be nice having this level of protection in the event that something does fail on your vehicle. There would be far less stress when this happens, since you know you're going to be covered.


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