You buy an entertaining car. One of things you'll want is a nice throaty exhaust. On occasion, however, you'll wish your exhaust noise was a tad less rambunctious. That's where active exhaust baffling comes into play, and it's been available on a number of vehicles for a few years now. You can have your car quiet and you can have your car loud, and now thanks to Roush you can program exactly how you want your exhaust to sing its song.

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The Roush Active Exhaust system pairs with an app that gives you full control over your exhaust. There are pre-set modes called Touring, Sport, and Track that range from quiet, a middle-ground mix, and on to all the noise all the time. There's a fourth mode that lets you dial in exactly how loud you want your exhaust to be depending on where your engine is in its rev range. The exhaust baffles will open to adjust to the percentage that you've dialed in.

Car and Driver got to play with the system a bit, and seems to have come away impressed. It's a fun way to make your car even more your own by refining a custom exhaust tune that you can save via the app. The problem is that we'd probably just stick with the wide-open Track mode since it's the one that keeps the loud party rolling the entire time.

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