Forget about the hotter i8 plug-in hybrid. BMW is reportedly in talks with McLaren over a proper supercar, one that would feature a V-8 engine and produce upwards of 750 horsepower. Nothing has been set in stone but CAR is reporting that we may see McLaren build a new mid-engine supercar for BMW in similar fashion to the British firm’s previous deal with Mercedes-Benz to build the SLR McLaren. And there's also the McLaren F1 to look back on, which as most readers would know came with a BMW V-12.

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Key to the new project is said to be the carbon fiber tub McLaren is developing for its next-generation Super Series. The first of these new Super Series models will replace the current 650S. The car's tub could also be utilized for the BMW supercar.

To differentiate the two cars, powertrains and styling would be unique. For the BMW, the likely powerplant would be a twin-turbocharged version of a new 4.0-liter V-8 currently in the works. This engine is based on BMW’s modular cylinder design that has already spawned three, four and six-cylinder units, and is said to be capable of delivering as much as 750 hp when augmented with electric-aided turbocharging technology.

When might we see the new BMW supercar? CAR reports that the reveal might take place as early as the 2017 Frankfurt Auto Show, depending on how the talks between BMW and McLaren pan out.

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Note, BMW may have an alternative in Toyota should the talks with McLaren turn sour. It’s rumored that Toyota may develop a successor for its Lexus LFA supercar at some point, and this car's platform could be shared with a BMW model. This would be in addition to the existing partnership between BMW and Toyota to develop successors for their respective Z4 and Supra sports cars.

Stay tuned for an update.


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