There's no indication when—or if—this Tesla charger prototype will go on sale.

It's undeniably cool, however, and as autonomous cars begin to make their way to market, a charging system that doesn't require any human action is certainly attractive. Obviously, this solution would be significantly faster and more efficient than a wireless setup due to the direct connection. 

But the disturbingly articulate movement of the silver, snake-like appendage raises questions about the Philadelphians who recently decapitated and dismembered a hitchhiking robot.

Instead of good-for-nothing vandals, the individuals responsible for HitchBot's destruction might very well be freedom fighters or vigilantes attempting to hold off the robot army's vanguard for as long as possible. All this demonstration makes us think of is the nightmarish future showcased in the Terminator films. 

Watch the video and see if you don't agree.


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