"Sometimes bad things happen to good robots."

That was the somber response of the HitchBOT team after learning its friendly hitchhiking robot—which had traversed Canada and Europe without incident—had been decapitated and destroyed in Philadelphia. After crossing into the United States from Canada, HitchBOT survived for roughly two weeks in the States. No body has been recovered.

Sad news, but hardly unexpected in a city that's been known to boo Santa Claus. Here's what happened on the forums.

  • Members on RennList got a rare glimpse of what happens when a Porsche Carrera GT undergoes a major service. Spoiler alert: the engine comes out, and it costs roughly what mere mortals will pay for a well-equipped 2016 Mustang GT.
  • When not chastising speeding drivers, debating the best wax, or lamenting GM's prevalent orange peel, Corvette owners enjoy bragging about how their cars never get  wet. But once in a while, a CorvetteForum member admits to driving in the rain.
  • Apparently, once you've managed to secure a car as ferociously beautiful as the Jaguar F-Type, the work has only begun. And first on the agenda is finding a timepiece which will match the car. Or at least that's what these JaguarForum members think.
  • Folks on TeamSpeed got distracted by a thread showcasing a blizzard of different paint options for the Ferrari FXX K, which is arguably the greatest name for a car ever. At over 100 pages and counting, checking it out could take a while.
Hit the links to get the full story. And tune in next week for more news from the forums!


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