Lexus unveiled its highly anticipated hoverboard; Lego announced a Ferrari F40 kit; and Bentley tells us the Bentayga can actually go off-roading. It's the Week in Reverse, right here on Motor Authority.

After many teasers Lexus has finally unveiled its hoverboard. It's awesome, but this isn't quite the future Marty McFly showed us in Back To The Future. No, this hoverboard requires liquid nitrogen and a bunch of magnets embedded in the ground. It basically hovers around a track. Sorry, you won't be flying around town...yet.

This week, a new Mitsubishi Montero Sport was unveiled. But like the Ford Ranger, another familiar U.S. nameplate, for now it's only for overseas markets. Utilizing Mitsubishi's latest design language, the Montero Sport is a three-row SUV—and a rugged one that for now will focus on places like Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.

Bentley's preparing to unveil its first SUV, the Bentayga. This week it wanted the world to know that it's not some crossover meant to cruise the boulevards, which it likely will, but that it can legitimately tackle the dirty stuff off-road. The automaker released a video showing the Bentayga off-roading, and one has to admit it's impressive seeing something so expensive getting so dirty.

The nine-year-old inside you is about to squeal, because you, yes you, can now afford a Ferrari F40 (probably). For $90 Lego will sell you a kit that builds a Ferrari F40. There are 1,158 pieces and some of those were created just for this kit. The bodywork opens up and there's a twin-turbocharged V-8 inside it. Yes, it's awesome.

Modern cars are full of electronics, and some of those electronics are connected to the Internet these days. Naturally this opens up the risk to being hacked, just like a computer. Several automakers are now going through this nightmare, and General Motors' OnStar is one of them. But instead of being reactive, OnStar's being proactive and is working with hackers to fix vulnerabilities.


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